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Intro to the Library of Napoleonic Battles

Sergey.Kosarev: Интересное предложение от OSG [url=http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?14@@.ee6bef6/12123]http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?14@@.ee6bef6/12123[/url] $11 INTRO GAME: BATTLE OF ECKMÜHL This offer expires on 12 May 2014. We decided the best way of advertising the Library of Napoleonic Battles was to put together a sample battle. This we are doing for $11 plus postage. • Go to http://www.napoleongames.com and click “intro package.” We will mail you a 9x12 envelope with a rules folder, two counter sheets and one map from The Last Success (Battle of Eckmühl). You can download the charts and Study Folder you need to play the Eckmühl battle at Napoleongames.com - go to The Last Success games page (pdf format). • ALSO INCLUDED— Wargame Design Volume III, Nrs. 1-2. Double issue contains 48 pages of reviews and hints on play, designer's notes and a lot more, an ideal complement to the game.

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