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Imago: 1. Модуль "Rising Sun" (Объединенные модули "Gung Ho!" и "Code of Bushido": японцы, американские морпехи, китайцы и др.) в стадии близкой к завершению. Это означает что может выйдет к концу года. 2.ASL Journal 10 Готовится к выпуску журнал номер 10, в который войдут сценарии к историческому модулю "Крепость Будапешт", а также 12-16 других сценариев и статьи. 3.Decision at Elst - как я понимаю новый продукт в линейке MMP, этакий НASL для новичков, starter kit, 4 сценария, кампания, и все необходимые фишки, правила и спецправила, в модуле будет рассматриваться противостояние британцев и немцев в ходе Голландской операции в сентябре 1944 года. 4.Hakkaa Päälle - финский модуль, над которым продолжается работа. 5. Swedish Volunteers: В работе мини-модуль Шведские добровольцы, который будет включать в себя 12-16 сценариев. Ну и работы в других направлениях тоже продолжаются: Korea ASL, Manila, Ortona и переиздание обоих Итальянского и Американского модулей и многое другое.... Оригинал новости: [more]Spring 2012 ASL Update! MAY 2 Written by: Chas Argent 5/2/2012 11:17 AM Rising Sun: Counters, rules, overlays, and scenarios are in the final stages of layout and proofing. The geo maps and the Gavutu-Tanambogo map are all done. We are finalizing the errata/Q&A updates that will be included in the new edition of Chapter G. There is a lot of “stuff” here and I’m trying to make sure all of the interconnected threads are still tied properly. Also, the overlays from RS are obviously intimately associated with The Overlay Bundle that is being developed concurrently, and should be able to complete it later this summer, once RS has been wrapped up. Journal 10: We’ve taken the opportunity presented by Festung Budapest to develop some new FB material for J10. We’ll have a new FB scenario and article, both by Bill Cirillo, and a Series Replay of FB17 Stalingrad Redux featuring Phil Palmer (Russians), John Slotwinski (Germans), and Sean Deller (neutral commentary). J10 will, of course, also contain several other articles and 12-16 other scenarios. Decision at Elst is the first ASL Starter Kit Historical module and covers the fighting between British and German forces in the area known as “the Island” located between Nijmegen and Arnhem during Operation MARKET-GARDEN. Playtesting has wrapped up and we are in the final proofing stage for the components. These will include a 22” x 34” map, the latest SK rules set, 4 stand-alone scenarios, a Campaign Game, specific rules for the Elst ASLSK HASL, charts, and enough counters to play the entire module without having to own any other ASLSK product. Anyone who came to this year’s Winter Offensive got a glimpse of the almost-final map. Hakkaa Päälle continues to steam along. I have recently been working on its counters as well as its new rules. We are also updating the national Capabilities Chart to not only include the new Finn units and characteristics, but also Hungarian, Marine Raider/Paramarine, and SS MMC that have all been released since the last version of the chart was published. At some point in the not-too-distant future we will be producing Martin Svärd and Erik Leander’s mini-module Swedish Volunteers, covering the exploits of the Swedish Volunteer Corps in World War II. This will include 12-16 scenarios and a sheet of counters for the Infantry, SW, and Guns of the SVC. We’re still discussing the best format for its release (magazine, scenario pack, etc.) but will post as soon as we know more details. Lots of other “down the road” projects are still moving forward nicely as well, such as Korea ASL, Manila, Ortona, the reprints for both the Italian and the American core modules, and much much more.[/more]

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